Grading Policy

D. Robert Worley

Course Grading

Grading Criteria: Your grade is determined by midterm exam, final exam, term paper, attendance, and participation. Your term paper will be graded on relevance, comprehensiveness, specificity, clarity and analytical skills, as well as the writing skills that you demonstrate. As soon as assignments are graded, your numeric score will be posted on Blackboard.

Weighting of Assignments: Weighting of assignments is as follows:

  Attendance and Participation (10%)

  Midterm Exam (30%)

  Final Exam (30%)

  Term Paper (30%)

Grading Scale: Subject to university grading policy, the following grades will be assigned. I reserve the right to assign a better grade than what is shown below, but not a lower grade.

94-100% = A

90-93% = A-

87-89% = B+

84-86% = B

80-83% = B-

77-79% = C+

74-76% = C

70-73% = C-

67-69% = D+

64-66% = D

60-63% = D-


0-59% = F


Missed Exams: The Reading Day at the end of the semester (during the regularly scheduled class time, in the regularly assigned classroom) will be held open for exam makeup. Missed exams must be discussed beforehand and with a persuasive reason. There is a 10% penalty for missing an exam without prior arrangement. Exceptions are made, of course, for things like emergency medical treatment.

Late Assignments: Written assignments are due on the day and time listed in the Schedule of Assignments. Assignments will be accepted after the due day, but a penalty of 25% will be assessed for each day that they are late. I do this to be fair to students who turned their assignments in on time.