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Course Grading

Grading Criteria: Your grade is determined by individual inputs: weekly summaries, papers, etc. Except as noted, all of your submissions will be graded on relevance, comprehensiveness, specificity, clarity and analytical skills, as well as the writing skills that you demonstrate. To facilitate a free and open discussion, spelling and grammar will not be graded on answers to discussion questions. This exclusion does not apply to other assignments, so please be sure that you have proofread your submissions. You will receive a numeric score for each assignment that will be posted online weekly. This will enable you to determine how you are doing at that point. It is, however, your responsibility to keep track of when assignments are due. At the end of this course, no one should be surprised at the grade that they have earned.

Weighting of Assignments: The following is the weighting of assignments for this course:

  Discussion Questions (2 points each, 10 points per week) (60 points total)

  Participation/Interaction (2 points per week) (12 points total)

  Weekly Summaries (3 points each week) (18 points total)

  Final Paper: (10 points)

Grading Scale: Subject to university grading policies, the following grades will be assigned.

97 ≤ A+ ≤ 100

93 ≤ A < 97

90 ≤ A- < 93

87 ≤ B+ < 90

83 ≤ B < 87

80 ≤ B- < 83

40 ≤ C < 80


0 ≤ F < 40


Late Assignments: Assignments are due by midnight, Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the due days listed in the Schedule of Assignments. Assignments will be accepted after the due day, but a penalty of 25% will be assessed for each day that they are late. I do this to be fair to students who turned their assignments in on time.

Please note, if you know that you cannot log in by the day that an assignment is due, it is your responsibility to turn that assignment in early, so that you are not assessed a late penalty. If you have a bona fide emergency, contact me personally to make special arrangements for turning in your assignment without penalty.

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