Nation Building as Security Policy

Course Grading Policy

Grading Criteria

A numeric score will be posted online weekly. Discussion questions are graded based on demonstrated understanding of the relevant reading material. Lessons learned are graded based on demonstrated understanding of the week’s reading material and on synthesis. Interaction is graded based on degree of interactivity with fellow students in discussion questions and lessons learned.

Weighting of Assignments

§  Discussion Questions (1 point per question, 4 per week) (52 points total)

§  Weekly Lessons Learned (1 point per week) (13 points total)

§  Interaction (1 point per week) (13 points total)

§  Final Paper: (22 points)

Late Assignments

Assignments are due by midnight, Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the due days listed in the Schedule of Assignments. Assignments will be accepted after the due day, but a penalty of 25% will be assessed for each day that they are late. This is not meant to be merely punitive. It is meant to be fair to students who turn their assignments in on time. More importantly, it is meant to encourage students to keep up. It is very difficult to catch up if you get behind in this kind of participatory online class.

Please note, if you know that you cannot log in on a particular day that an assignment is due, it is your responsibility to turn that assignment in early so that you are not assessed a late penalty. If you have a bona fide emergency, please contact me personally to make special arrangements for turning in your assignment.

Participation Requirements

Students are expected to make a substantive contribution to class discussion at least 4 days out of every week. If everyone posts their responses on the last day of the week, there can be no discussion. A half point will be deducted if this requirement is not met.

Grading Scale

97 ≤ A+ ≤ 100

93 ≤ A < 97

90 ≤ A- < 93

87 ≤ B+ <  90

83 ≤ B < 87

80 ≤ B- < 83


40 ≤ C < 80



  0 ≤ F < 40


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